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and 9 feet tall, on the second floor, they are 4 ft wide and 7 ft tall. The floor joists are 2"x12" walnut beams (impervious to pests). The original roof rafters are oak. The house covers 4 floors, each floor is approx. 2000 sq ft. for a total of nearly 8000 sq ft of floor space. Even the ceilings in the basement are 10 ft high! On the ground / first floor, ceilings go to 11 ft, on second floor 9 ft and in the attic ceiling height is roughly 9 ft at the peaks with a 16 ft vaulted ceiling in the attic tower complete with custom stained and etched glass windows (more stained glass and custom etched glass windows throughout the house). There is also a detached 3-stall garage behind the house, as well as a fourth garage stall under the front entrance (a total of 4 gar... [ Read Full Description ]