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cost.The association dues of Only $200.00 per year. (It just does not get better than this.)Real estate taxes of only $1.62 per year. (ALL FEES PAID UP FOR 2018)I paid $2,125.00 for this lot in 10/01/2007 but at this time I am selling all or my investments at almost any price to retire. To get a good prospective on such a value, check out google maps the address for a view of this lot and area . As you can see my starting bid is the best ever that allows a investor to make as much as 300% +/- profit just in the purchase.There is a great club house with a large size outdoor pool. tennis courts and gulf course in the association. Every quarter the association sends out the updated letter to home owners called Reflections. They also list some lots for sale Ther... [ Read Full Description ]