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down payment and subtracted from the total price. The balance will be owner financed at 0% interest for 48 months (4 years). Based on an opening bid of $120.00 that would work out to 48 payments of$101.00 each. If the bid goes higher, the monthly payments will become lower. For example, if the bid goes to $216.00 that would reduce the amount owed to $4,752.00 and the monthly payments to $99.00 There is no credit check or qualifying requirements and your balance owed can be paid off at any time with no prepayment penalty. If the high bidder of the auction chooses to payin a single paymentas opposed to financing there will be a 20% discount reducing the sales price to $3,8788.00 a savings of $1,090.00. THE AREA: The property for sale lies approximately 35 miles nort... [ Read Full Description ]