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:My name is Dr. A. I visited Elko, Nevada in early 2006 for a job interview. Although, I did not take the job, I was so impressed by the beauty of the area (especiallyRuby mountain) that I bought this land to build a house after retirement. I purchased this land from the Elko County treasurer in June 2006 through foreclosuresale at a price of $15100. You can verify the purchaseprice from the Elko county assessor'swebsite. The land is located in Northeast side of Elko close to I-80 East Highway (please see actual map in picture 1).My retirement planhas now changeddue to life circumstances and I have recently bought a retirement house on an acreage in central Florida (Gainesville) where my son is a resident doctor. The new lucky owner can now own this land that is fr... [ Read Full Description ]