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Brief Description:

haspower polesat the end of the driveway which can carryelectric, phone, and internet. There is adrivewayalready cut with aclearingin the center of the lot. You haveNo Neighborsto the front, back or both sides; this isRARE.The trees in the clearing have been cleared and the lot was leveled years ago. Some ferns and grasses cover the ground now. See the pictures below. The lot is level with good drainage for a septic system in the future. This is a perfect opportunity forinvestment or a vacation home. I have had a barricade built at the driveway entrance.This lot measures871 feet by 150 feet(3 acres). The clearing is in the center of the lot in both directions. Thedriveway is 470 feetuntil you reach the clearing. Good gravelroads are maintainedthroughout the subdivi... [ Read Full Description ]