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EARDue 1/1/2019Availability:2019Next Years Usage start 1/1/2019 FEES DUE AT TIME OF SALE2018 Maintenance Fee: PAIDSettlement Fee (Closing Cost): $0Resort Transfer Fee:$99Plus The Winning Bid:TBD???Availability: 2019TOTAL AMOUNT DUE TRANSFER FEE + TBD = WINNING BID!What Is A Timeshare?·Points:allows the owner to choose which dates they wish to travel each year based on the number of points that comprise their points based ownership·Fixed Week:guarantees the owners use of that same week each year (or every other year)Fractional ownership of a unit at a resort; most commonly for one week of usage.There are three common types of timeshares: Fixed Week, Floating Weeks, and Points.Floating Week: allows the owner to choose which week they wish to trav... [ Read Full Description ]