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ESTFINANCING AVAILABLE NOW !!!!! Financed price for this lot is $8250.00. Payments will be split evenly for up to 48 months minus whatever thedown-paymentends up being. Discounted buy it now cash price is $7250.00 Example: Down-payment= $500 Sales price $8250.00 - $500.00 = $7750.00 $7750.00 DIVIDED BY 48 MONTHS = $161.46 PER MONTHOR$7750.00 DIVIDED BY 36 MONTHS = 215.28 PER MONTH No interest ! No Credit Check - Everybody qualifies ! No prepayment penalty - make higher payments and pay off the loan faster ! Deed to transfer after all payments are made.Initial down payment can be made via PayPal, However all remaining payments must be made via check, money order or bank check. Mortgage and sales agreement to be signed by buyer after auction close. All Future Pr... [ Read Full Description ]