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wo lakes, a golf course, camping, winter sports, stable riding and much more. So many things to do in Antrim county you won’t grow bored! Property is approximately 38 miles from Traverse City. 20 miles from Bellaire, MI Activities are available all year round! Great area for skiing and snowmobiling during the winter!Both lots are roughly half an acre each Numerous golf courses! The yearly associate fee is 498 yearly for both lots with plenty of amenities such as a general airport, stable riding, two lakes, winter sports area, campgrounds, fishing, pool, and more!Taxes are less than 20 dollars each! GPS coordinates: 44°57'24.9"N 84°51'26.8"W APN: 05-13-400-095-00, 05-13-400-096-00 Bidding criteria: This listing cost to post so please ... [ Read Full Description ]