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Brief Description:

, 2 bathroom, sleeps 4, Partial Kitchen Week info: Float Week#1-51 Red: 7 nights and 1 weekend per yearUse year: 5/18/20 - 5/17/21 Estimated Maintenance fees & Taxes: $2,713.54 Due Annually January 1st Property Taxes $375.40 Not Included in amount above Ownership: Perpetual Deed Week#39 Unit#1708 Related Fees Resort Closings, Inc. Escrow, Doc Prep, & Closing: $475 – Paid by Seller County Recording Fee: $700 – Paid By Seller 2020 Maintenance fees: $0 Resort Transfer fee: $1000 – Paid by Seller Total Due at end of Auction: High Bid A Manhattan Club owner gets day use at the resort. Day-use allows the owner to use all of the resorts facilities any day of the year and not... [ Read Full Description ]