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o: 1503/25 Trust Fund: E Sales Type: A Estimated Maintenance fees & Taxes: $693.50 due annually on July 1st (includes $373 base fee) Property Tax: Included in Maintenance amount above Does not include club dues of $139.00 Ownership: Perpetual Membership CertificateMortgage Paid in Full Related Fees Resort Closings, Inc. Escrow, Doc Prep, & Closing: $475 – Paid by Seller County Recording Fee: NA 2020 Maintenance fees: Buyer is responsible when resort bills in June 2020 Resort Transfer fee: $700 – Paid by Seller Total Due at end of Auction: Just High Bid BlueGreen Club Dues: $139.00 (Buyer will be invoiced by resort if not already an owner) BlueGreen has the right of first refusal ... [ Read Full Description ]