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age Usage: Annual Unit Info: Fixed Unit#7DM 2bed 2bath, sleeps 8, Full Kitchen, Lock off Week info: Fixed Week#34 Friday Check in (August 23-30th, 2019) Estimated Maintenance fees & Taxes: $924.40 due Annually in two payments billed March 1st & September 1st Ownership: Perpetual Deed Related Fees Resort Closings, Inc. Escrow, Doc Prep, & Closing: $475 – Paid by Seller County Recording Fee: $50 – Paid by Seller 2019 Maintenance fees: Paid by Seller Resort Transfer fee: $25 – Paid by Seller Total Due at end of Auction: Just High Bid Buyer will receive a $200 VISA gift card when property transfers! Please review resort details and pictures below this section St... [ Read Full Description ]