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400 HGVC Points Usage Interval Odd Usage Maintenance Fees Assessed Biennially, billed Odd Yrs Maintenance Fee Amount $1,144.49 You are bidding on a deeded timeshare ownership. All fees are current, and mortgage is paid in full. Related Fees Closing Fee $000.00 Transfer Fee $493.00 (Transfer Fee) Due at Closing. $609 (Club Activation Fee) will be billed directly by Hilton once transferred. $176 (Club Dues – If not a HGVC point Member) will be billed directly by Hilton once transferred All these are HGVC Fees required by them 2020 Maintenance Fees $000.00 Total Cost to Winning Bidder: 2020 Maintenance Fees $000.00 Settlement Fee(Closing Cost) $000.00 Resort Transfer Fee $493.00 Plus The Winnin... [ Read Full Description ]