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AKE COUNTY , Oregon .Lake Countyis acountyin the south-central region of theU.S. stateofOregon. As of the2010 census, the population was 7,895. Itscounty seatisLakeview. The county is named for the many lakes found within its boundaries,includingLake Abert,Summer Lake,Hart Lake, andGoose Lake.Lake County is in thehigh desertregion known as theOregon Outback, on the northwestern edge of theGreat Basin. The county is generally divided between the communities around Lakeview andPaisleyto the south and the communities aroundChristmas Valley,Fort Rock, andSilver Laketo the north.Its economy consists largely of agriculture and natural resource management and extraction.It is home to many large cattle ranches, hay farms, and timber holdings (both public and private), as w... [ Read Full Description ]